Help! Itchy & Scratchy

Help! Itchy & Scratchy

Help! Itchy & Scratchy

Does your dog keep you up itching and scratching ALL night? Is he or she obsessed with chewing feet all day or simply head shaking or body scratching? How about facial irritation and rubbing muzzle on carpets? These are all signs of allergy and we would like to share a breakthrough with you for treatment!

Cytopoint is a new product that we have been using on patients for at least 6 months. I have had a 90% success rate!  Get this, ZERO side effects are experienced in all clinical trials and from our personal clinical experience.  Call now for more information (321) 684-7060.

  • Cytopoint is delivered by injection under the skin just like a vaccine. Unlike a vaccine, it does not create antibodies. It actually interrupts the itch cycle…that’s it! It is truly a breakthrough in immune therapy and your pet can only benefit from this injection.
  • It is given on schedule. this immunotherapy will replace most antihistamines. No more daily pills! Some owners still give baths between injections to keep staph infections controlled but overall most dogs lives have been vastly improved with a tremendous increase in the quality of life!
  • While improvement is noted after the first injection, it will not cure the itch/allergy for life. Best results are achieved with continual dosing every 4 to 6 weeks. Some patients are now experiencing relief for up to 8 weeks! If injections are skipped, however, staph infection and all symptoms will return.  Our goal is to keep you on schedule! 🙂
  • If you dog has seasonal allergies. Cytooint is the perfect solution. One injection to get through that rough spring or fall is very effective and often all that is needed!

Remember Cytooint is NOT  a drug,  an immunosuppressent, or a steroid or anti-histamine.

We would love to help you give your dog the relief they need and deserve.  Ask any of our team members for more information or please check out Cytopoint’s fantastic website link below.

The best care any of my furry friends have ever received! Puppy neutering, adult care/shots, and end of life care.

Anneke Noel Charland

Dr. Ragona and her staff are not only knowledgeable and up to date on the latest tests, techniques and therapy…they are compassionate and empathetic to furbabies and owners alike.

Cecilia Nielsen

I’ve brought my little ones here for years. They are wonderful. Love the new building.

Lisa Woods Yarnell

Dr. Ragona and her entire staff are the BEST veterinary care providers we’ve ever found! Not only is the care consistently top-notch, but they are led by their hearts, and not by their need to increase profits – a refreshing change from our previous veterinary experiences in Brevard County! * I highly recommend Dr. Ragona if you’re looking for the best and most loving care for your furry family members! *

Mary E. Davis

Cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Ragona and her team. I finally feel like I have a trusted partner in care for our animals. She is wonderful with the animals and wonderful with the people. Also want to mention that Karin will work with you to help however she can to make sure to get your pets on their schedule, based your needs:)

Kathleen Kirby Ramsey

My pets and I are truly blessed that I chose Dr. Donna and her staff to care for my pets. Dr. Donna is an extremely intelligent and insightful veterinarian. I was extremely impressed with the state-of-the-art facility and the professionalism of her staff.m veniam, quis nostlaboris nisi.

Bob Garcia
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