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By taking an integrative approach and offering full comprehensive conventional and alternative medical diagnostics, your pet gets the best care all in one place.

  • Annual Vaccinations
  • Preventative Care
  • Dental
  • Urgent Care
  • Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Soft Tissue Surgery

This integrative approach to veterinary medicine is designed to minimize adverse effects, maximize successful treatment outcomes and improve the quality of life.

Professionally grooming since 2008 with show animals as well as companion animals.  Feel at ease and comfortable during the grooming process at Animal Wellness World.   Patience and safety are at the forefront of our services.

  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Coat Washing
  • And Much More

Education and learning is one of our priorities at Animal Wellness World.  Our annual Mini Vet School allows children to explore the behind the scenes world of working in a veterinary clinic as they move through interactive hands on labs. Workshop is for children ages 9-13, and students learn:

  • The basics of giving an exam
  • Types of surgery
  • How to read an x-ray
  • Nutrition
  • Animal behavior
  • Types of alternative medicine

The information covered is comprehensive and comes with a study guide. Children will take home their own personal stethoscope, dental tools and scrub top. SEE MORE ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.

We always have something you can join so ask or sign up of our NEWSLETTER HERE.

Boutique style boarding designed to make your pets feel like home.  All staff fully trained in animal behavior and animal health.  Veterinary clinic adjacent to boarding, services available for urgent and routine care.  Pool coming soon! Call now to get on the schedule.

  • Attention to every detail for your pet
  • Stress free – fear free environment
  • Large customized sleeping areas
  • Play areas are customized for social and not so social pets
  • Quiet cat room separate from dogs
  • Dogs will stay active in accordance to age
  • Extremely clean facility
  • Play equipment outdoors for agile dogs
  • Full grooming services available
  • Herbs and essential oils available for animals in need of calming assistance

Tropical Fun Florida Cruise Vacations start here! Park you car in a safe environment 10 minutes from Cruise Terminals.  Call (321) 684-7060 for rates and reservations.  Have pets? Bring them along! Board your pet with Animal Wellness World next door.  ParkandPlayCruise.com Coming Soon.

  • Professional, secure, and clean space
  • Competitive price for best experience
  • Stress free to start your cruise right
  • 10 minutes from terminal
  • Spacious tropical lot with shade pavilion

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The best care any of my furry friends have ever received! Puppy neutering, adult care/shots, and end of life care.

Anneke Noel Charland

Dr. Ragona and her staff are not only knowledgeable and up to date on the latest tests, techniques and therapy…they are compassionate and empathetic to furbabies and owners alike.

Cecilia Nielsen

I’ve brought my little ones here for years. They are wonderful. Love the new building.

Lisa Woods Yarnell

Dr. Ragona and her entire staff are the BEST veterinary care providers we’ve ever found! Not only is the care consistently top-notch, but they are led by their hearts, and not by their need to increase profits – a refreshing change from our previous veterinary experiences in Brevard County! * I highly recommend Dr. Ragona if you’re looking for the best and most loving care for your furry family members! *

Mary E. Davis

Cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Ragona and her team. I finally feel like I have a trusted partner in care for our animals. She is wonderful with the animals and wonderful with the people. Also want to mention that Karin will work with you to help however she can to make sure to get your pets on their schedule, based your needs:)

Kathleen Kirby Ramsey

My pets and I are truly blessed that I chose Dr. Donna and her staff to care for my pets. Dr. Donna is an extremely intelligent and insightful veterinarian. I was extremely impressed with the state-of-the-art facility and the professionalism of her staff.m veniam, quis nostlaboris nisi.

Bob Garcia
Phone: (321) 684-7060
Fax: (321) 305-5720
3149 N Courtenay Parkway
Merritt Island, FL 32953